Short narrative, experimental, and documentary films produced from 2017-2019. Though for now I have moved on creatively to other formats, these projects still hold a place in my heart.
Produced 2019.
After a chance encounter, two young women remember their teenage romance. Screened at the Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, MI in April 2019.

Produced 2018.
A cinematic poem created in collaboration with Lansing, MI poet laureate Dennis Hinrichsen. Made for the 2019 Michigan State University Filmetry Festival.

Produced 2018.
An immersive dramatic short navigating experiences of trauma and mental illness. Awarded the Columbia College Chicago Faculty Recognition Scholarship.

Produced 2018.
An experimental documentary compiled from home video footage shot between 1999 and 2001 that investigates questions of identity, origin, family memory, and how we document our lives and the lives of others.

Produced 2018.
While waiting for a train, a stranger confides in a young man and shares his bizarre tale. Based on true events...

Produced 2018.
A non-narrative documentary short showcasing the quiet beauty and alienation of Midwestern suburbia at night.

Produced 2017.
A grounded science fiction tale of a young woman's journey into diaspora in the wake of apocalypse. My first-ever short film, created over the course of a year as my high school senior project.

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